Printed Documentation

Knopf Online has been developing technical publications since the days when most corporate computing was accomplished on mainframes and the PC had yet to be born. Here we showcase a few samples of our more recent work.

Documentation for an eCommerce Product

Tidemark Connect is one of eight software products we documented for Tidemark Computer Systems. Here are two of the manuals for this product. We wrote both of these manuals. The book design and page layout were created by our client.

Adobe Acrobat Document Tidemark Connect Server Deployment Guide (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat Document Tidemark Connect Gateway Administrator's Guide (PDF)

Documentation for Network Management Software

For two successive releases of Cambio's COMMAND Network Documentation System, we developed an online documentation set consisting of approximately 4,000 pages of technical information, collected in a set of indexed, searchable Acrobat PDF files. The full documentation set is approximately 30MB. Here you can access a small sample from the larger set. We wrote this manual and created the book design and page layout.

Adobe Acrobat Document COMMAND for Windows User Guide