Graphics & Visual Design

At Knopf Online, we believe that effective communication is visual communication. Whether in print or online, we bring graphic design and visual arts expertise to every project. Here we highlight some of recent work, including technical illustrations, book cover and page designs for technical documentation, data sheets, a product logo, and toolbar and icon designs for a software user interface.

Book Designs

Adobe Acrobat Document4-color design for documentation covers (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentDuotone design for documentation covers (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat Document1-color design for documentation pages (PDF)

Marketing Collateral Materials

Adobe Acrobat Document1-color product logo (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat Document2-color data sheets (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentDuotone brochure cover (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentDuotone CD-ROM (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentPromotional giveaways

GUI Objects

Splash screens and installation "billboards" for a software product

Visual designs for an online Help system

Splash screen for for a software product