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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Two-dimensional Bar Charts

Bar charts are the most common type of business chart and are especially useful for comparative analysis when you want to focus on comparing values and place less emphasis on time. Use a bar chart to illustrate comparisons among individual items.

Two-dimensional bar charts are plotted using a single item in each of the X-Categories and Y-Facts panes in Outliner. The Z-Categories pane is not populated in 2-D bar charts.

Two-dimensional Bar Charts

To create a two-dimensional bar chart:

  1. Select a bar chart format from the Chart drop-down list.
  2. The default chart format is Vertical Bar.

  3. Drag a label item from the Catalog pane to the X-Categories pane in Outliner.
  4. Data labels appear on the horizontal axis in the Chart area.

  5. Drag a value from the Catalog pane to the Y-Facts pane in Outliner.
  6. A chart is plotted that summarizes the selected value (Y-Facts pane) as it relates to the subcategories of the label item (X-Categories pane).

    automatically scales the data represented on the Y-axis and adds appropriate labels. The Legend provides an index of label information with a coordinated color scheme.

Three-dimensional Bar Charts

Clustered Bar Charts

Stacked Bar Charts

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