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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Adding Computed Items

You can create new chart elements by building equations to compute data items, or by applying functions to existing data items. Computed items are like normal data items, and can be included in charts or re-used to compute other data.

For example, you can modify the Amount Sold item by building an equation around it, multiplying it by the Unit Price item and renaming the resulting item Revenue. You can also apply a scalar function such as Cume to Amount Sold and return each individual value as a cumulative running total, or simply multiply Amount Sold by the local tax rate to find the tax owed on each sale.

To create a computed item:

  1. Choose Add Computed Item from a Section menu (for example, Query, Results, and so on).
  2. The Computed Item dialog box appears.

  3. In the Name field, type a name that describes the computation.
  4. The default name is Computed, which is numbered sequentially if there is more than one. If you assign a name to a computed item that is identical to an existing scalar function name, the name starting with the number 2.

  5. Define the new data item by building an expression in the Definition text box.
  6. Use the operator buttons to insert arithmetic and logical operators at the insertion point.

    • Click Reference to display the Reference dialog box, and select Request items to place in the equation.
    • Click Functions to apply scalar functions using the Functions dialog box.
    • You can also type any portion of the equation or the entire equation directly into the Definition text box using JavaScript. The names are case sensitive, and you must replace spaces in item names with underscores (‘_’).

  7. If necessary, click the Options button to set a new data type for the item.
  8. When the equation is complete, click OK.
  9. The computed item is listed in the Outliner and is added to your chart.

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