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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Drilling into Charts

The Drill Anywhere feature allows you to drill into items in the Chart section that are resident in the Results section without having to return to reprocess your query or locate the item in the Catalog pane. Drill anywhere items are automatically added as new label items.

The advantage of this feature is that it instantly allows you to add items to the data set to reflect temporary or hypothetical situations. You can always suspend or delete the item to return to the original chart display.

The extent to which you can drill into your data depends on how the original query was built, since Drill Anywhere retrieves data from the Results section. This feature does not allow you to interactively query the database.

To drill anywhere into a chart:

  1. Select one or more items for analysis and choose Chart then Drill Anywhere then Item.
  2. Intelligence Clients redraws the chart drilled to the selected item. In the Outliner, an item selected for drill-down is identified with a drill-bit icon.

  3. Choose Chart then Drillup to return to the original view of your chart.
  4. *

    Tip   If no options are available in the Drill Anywhere menu, all Request items have been used in the Chart section’s Outliner.


    Note   Drill Anywhere is enabled on the General page of Data Model Options. To display the General tab, choose DataModel then Data Model Options.

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