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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Charting Basics

A chart is a graphic representation of data. Except for pie charts, all charts plot data with reference to a horizontal X-axis and a vertical Y-axis. Multidimensional charts sometimes plot data on an additional Z-axis. A pie chart uses the metaphor of the pie as a whole to delineate the relative values of the parts or slices.

In , you construct a chart by dragging Request items from the Catalog Pane to one of the Outliners. At least two items must populate an Outliner to plot a usable chart. The following table lists the appropriate uses for the Outliner panes.

Outliner Pane Usage 

Axis Pane
Label data (non-quantifiable data values) only. For example, product listings, periodic information (for example, day, month or year).
Exclusively for facts or quantifiable values.
Facts or label data depending on the chart type.

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