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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Displaying Axis Grid Lines

Axis grid lines are straight lines on a chart that provide a framework for measurement and reference. Typically, the X and Z Axes are used for label items and the Y-axis shows values or facts (measurable items), such as units and amounts.

In , you can view or hide these axis gridlines depending on the chart you are designing.

To toggle the display of axis grid lines:

  1. Click anywhere within the main plot area of the chart.
  2. Choose Show X Axis Grid Lines (or Show Y Axis Grid Lines) on the shortcut menu.
  3. A check mark appears next to the selected option to indicate that the grid lines are visible. Choose this option again to clear the check mark and remove the gridlines from the Chart area display.

Adding a Second Y Axis

If you want to chart comparison values or combine two related indicators on the same chart, you may need to compensate for different numeric scales.

For example, you might like to chart the sales of your two fastest growing product lines together to get an idea of how business is growing. However, while the growth rates are similar, the two product lines may sell at entirely different volumes. If this is the case, the chart won't provide much comparative information because each line needs to be charted at a different scale.

By charting each item to a different axis, you can include both items correctly in the same chart. Each item in the values panel can be assigned to one of two axes, each of which can be auto- or manually scaled.

To add a second Y-axis:

  1. Double-click an item in the values panel.
  2. A second Y-axis is added to the right of the chart, and is auto-scaled to match the item. The item is displayed in italics in the Outliner.

  3. If desired, change the scale or modify the second axis using the Values Axis tab of the Chart Properties dialog box.
  4. *

    Tip   You can add a second Y-axis to clustered bar, combination bar-line and line charts.

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