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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Creating Charts

Interactive charts consists of two layout elements: graphical elements (for example, chart bars or pie slices) and axis labels. When you assign Request items to panes in the Outliner, they become values or labels in your chart.

The instructions below are a starting point for building charts. As you use and become familiar with the Chart section, you will learn ways to create the exact type of chart that fits your needs.

To create a chart using the Chart outliner:

  1. Choose Insert then New Chart to create a new Chart section.
  2. If the Outliner is not visible, click Outliner on the Section title bar to display the Outliner.
  3. Drag each line item to be included in the chart from the Catalog pane to an Outliner pane:
    • Drag values or facts (such as Units or Amount) in to the Y-Facts pane in Outliner to create bar charts, pie charts or ribbon charts.
    • Drag a label item (such as Name, Product, or State) into the X-Categories pane in Outliner to create a 2-D chart.
    • Drag a label item to the Z-Categories pane in Outliner to add a third dimension to your chart.
  4. Select a chart type from the Chart drop-down list.
  5. *

    Note   You can select and drag multiple items to the same Outliner pane to add multiple values or labels for analysis. Items are hierarchically ordered in the sequence in which they appear in the Outliner panes.

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