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Adding Cumulative Totals

Add cumulative totals to break totals by dimension and restart them at each dimensional grouping in a pivot table. Cumes work best when all dimensions are located at the top or side of the pivot table, and data label column heads are placed orthogonally.

To add a cumulative total:

  1. Select a fact in the pivot table’s data grid.
  2. Choose Pivot then Add Cume.
  3. The Pivot Cume dialog box appears.

    Pivot Cume dialog box

  4. If desired, type a new name for the pivot cume.
  5. Select the scope of the pivot cume from the drop-down list.
  6. The Scope drop-down list includes all of the dimensions in the pivot table. The default scope is the lowest level dimension that appears in the pivot table.

  7. Click OK.
  8. A new fact column is added that maintains a cumulative running total of the original fact by the dimension (scope) specified.

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