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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Creating a Pivot Table

Pivot tables are made up of:

For example, if you choose to analyze Unit Sales by region, the numbers are your data values or facts. Region is a dimension. Presented in aggregate, facts are subdivided by your chosen dimension labels.

To create a pivot table:

  1. Choose Insert then New Pivot.
  2. If the Outliner is not visible, click Outliner on the Section title bar.
  3. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Drag each Request item to be included in the table from the Catalog pane to a pane in the Outliner (Top Labels, Side Labels, or Facts).
    • In the Catalog pane, select one of more Request items and choose Pivot then Add Select Items then Outliner Pane.
    • *

      Tip   Add Request items such as Unit Sales or Amount Sales to the Facts pane in Outliner to create the data grid. Add dimensions such as Product Line or Region to the Top and Side Labels panes in Outliner to create subdivisions.


      Tip   You can select and drag multiple items to the same Outliner pane to add multiple values or dimensional levels for analysis. Items are hierarchically ordered in the sequence in which they appear in the Outliner panes.

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