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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Moving Pivot Table Elements

To move a column to a new location in the Content pane:


Select the column in the Content pane and drag it to a new position.

To remove Request items from the Outliner or columns from the Content pane:


Select the element you want to remove and choose Pivot then Remove Selected Item.


Note   When you delete a Request item from the Outliner or a column from the Content pane, you cannot use the Undo feature to reinsert the column or Request item.

To move a pivot element item using the Outliner:


Click the item name in the Outliner pane to select it, then drag the item to a new position or to another Outliner pane.

The display updates to reflect the repositioning or reassignment of the item.


Note   To move items between Top Labels or Side Labels panes and the Fact pane (or vice versa), you must first remove them from the Outliner, and then add them again to the chosen pane.

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