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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Adding Report Group Headers

A Report Group is the topmost level at which you can structure data in a report. When you drag an item from the Catalog pane into the Groups Outliner, automatically supplies a report group header band and adds a label inside the band that identifies the group.

For example, if you create a report to show purchases by state, each state would serve as a report group header in the report. You can place multiple items in one header or add a multiple levels of group headers.

This step is not necessary to create a report, but it may help you to better organize the content of the report. You can show additional headings, graphics, and totals in the report group header band.

To create a report group header:

  1. If the Groups Outliner is not visible, click Groups on the Section title bar to open the Groups Outliner.
  2. Drag the item on which you want to group data from the Catalog pane to the Report Group1 field in the Groups Outliner.
  3. The selected item automatically populates the group header.

To modify a report group header:

  1. Choose Report then Section Boundaries to display header/body/footer regions.
  2. Drag the an item from the Catalog pane to the group header band.
  3. Resize and format the group header as desired.
  4. *

    Tip   Modify a report group when you want to show additional headings, graphics, and totals in the group header band.

To add a text label to report group header:

  1. Choose Report then Section Boundaries to display header/footer regions.
  2. Drag the Text Label tool from the Graphics Folder in the Catalog pane to the Group Header.
  3. A Text Label box appears.

  4. Highlight the text in the Text Label box and type the information that you want to appear in the box.
  5. Click Properties on the shortcut menu to change the border, background or alignment of the text label.
  6. The Properties dialog box appears.

  7. Select the tab that corresponds to the style you want to change and click OK.
  8. Move the text label by clicking and dragging it to the desired position.
  9. *

    Tip   Use text labels to identify values shown in a numeric group header.

To repeat report group headers:

  1. Select the group header band that you want to repeat.
  2. Click Repeat Header on the shortcut menu.
  3. The selected group header displays across pages whenever the body band is broken across pages.


    Tip   Repeat report groups if the body portion of your report section spills across multiple pages. When you repeat a report group, the group header displays on each body page.

Adding Report Group Footers

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