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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Inserting Page Headers and Footers

Page headers and footers are treated as normal report areas allowing full customization of the contents, including the introduction of other report elements (Pivots, Charts), text labels and computed fields.Typically, page headers and footers allow you to specify data that is repeated on every page, such as a page number.

To insert a page header or page footer:

  1. Choose Report then Section Boundaries to view the bands for the report components.
  2. Choose Report then Headers And Footers then Option.
    • To insert a page header, choose Page Header.
    • To insert a page footer, choose Page Footer.
    • To insert both page headers and page footers, choose Show Both.
  3. Type the information to appear in the report header or footer, or drag objects from the Catalog pane to the Page Header or Page Footer band.
  4. Review the following table for information on how to insert items into the Page Header or Page Footer band.

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