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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Specifying Page Size

When deciding on page size for your report, consider the type of output you want. Do you want to print the report or view it on screen? you to select printer dimensions or to specify custom dimensions for your report pages.

To specify page size:

  1. Choose Report then Report Setup.
  2. The Report Setup dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Page Size tab to view the Page Size page.
  4. Choose the page dimension option you want to use and click OK.
    • Use Printer Dimensions – Determines the printable area based on your printer. If you want to only print the report, select the option.
    • Use Custom Dimensions– Allows you to specify the width and height of your report page.
    • If you export reports to HTML pages, you can use this setting to control the number of “pages” that are included in each HTML file. Each page is exported to a single HTML file by default. To ensure that all pages in your report are contained in a single HTML file, set the page height to a large number.

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