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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Specifying Page Margins

Page margins are the blank space that borders the report area on your page. Since the report area can hold a variety of objects, such as page numbers, text, and lines, change the margin area to accommodate the size of your report area. Margins are set for an entire report.

To specify page margins:

  1. Choose Report then Report Setup.
  2. The Report Page Setup dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Margins tab to view the Margin page.
  4. Enter the Top, Bottom, Left and Right margin sizes and click OK.
  5. Margins are measured in units of inches, pixels or centimeters. To change the margin units, click the Measurement icon located above the Content pane until you find the measurement unit you want to use.

Margin Measurements

Margins are set either in inches, pixels, or centimeters. Default margins for all four sides are:

Type of Measurement


Note   The default number of pixels depends on your screen resolution.

To change how margins are measured:


Click the Measurement icon above the Contents pane until you find the desired measurement standard.

Measurement standard code definitions are: in=inches, px=pixels, and cm=centimeters.

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