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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Creating a Report

The Report section uses tables as the basic building blocks of reports. Tables contain columns of Dimensions and Facts as determined by the Results items you place in the Dimensions and Facts panes in Table Outliner.

To create a report:

  1. Choose Insert then New Report.
  2. creates a new Report section and inserts a blank table in the Body band of the report in the Content pane.

  3. If desired, choose Report then Section Boundaries to view the bands for the report components.
  4. If the Table Outliner is not visible, click Table on the Section title bar to open the Table Outliner.
  5. Drag Results items from the Query sections of the Catalog pane to the Table Outliner panes.
  6. *

    Tip   The Table Outliner has two panes – Dimensions and Facts. Use the Dimensions pane to build dimension (label) columns, such as Month, Region, or Product Line. Use the Facts pane to build the facts (numeric values) in the report, such as Amount Sales or Units Sold. Results and Table items added to the Facts pane are automatically totaled.

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