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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Applying Data Functions to Tables

In the Tables section, a Data Function can be used only for totals and subtotals. Data functions return to the Underlying Values and recalculate the value according to the type of function specified.

You can apply a break (subtotal), grand, or custom total to any column. A grand total on a numeric column applies a default sum function. However, each column can have a number of grand totals, each with a different aggregate function applied to it. The following table lists the data functions that you can use with break totals and grand totals.

Break Total and Grand Total Data Functions 

Returns sum of underlying values.
Returns average of underlying values.
Returns lowest of underlying values.
Returns highest of underlying values.
Returns number of underlying values.
Allows you to create a custom function using JavaScript.

Column Totals

To calculate a column total:


Select the column to be totaled and click the summation icon on the Standard toolbar.

adds a row labelled Total to the bottom of the table and displays the total as the last entry in the selected column.

Grand Totals

To apply a grand total to a column using a data function:

  1. Select a column and choose Table then Grand Total.
  2. The Insert Grand Total dialog box appears.

    Insert Grand Total dialog box

  3. Select a data function from the Grand Total Function drop-down list.
  4. Select one or more columns to be totaled from the Add Grand Total To list and click OK.
  5. The total and any subtotals in the column are computed to reflect the new data function.

Break Totals

To apply a break total (subtotal):

  1. Select a column and choose Table then Break Total.
  2. The Insert Break Total dialog box appears.

    Insert Break Total dialog box

  3. Select a break column from the At Every Break in drop-down list.
  4. Select the data function you want to apply from the Break Total Function drop-down list.
  5. Select one or more columns on which to display the break total and click OK.

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