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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Table Section

A Table is a columnar arrangement of data. In , tables are used as building blocks in other reporting sections. A Table Section functions in much the same way as the Results Section. All of the commands that are available on the Results menu are also available on the Table menu. However, you cannot apply complex limits or aggregate data in the Table section.

The data in a Table section is derived from the section that is active when you choose to insert a new table. When you insert a Table section from the Results section, the new Table Section is attached to the Results section. This means any changes to the results set are immediately propagated to the Table section.

You can also create additional tables, pivot tables, charts, and other reports form a Table section’s dataset just as you would from the Results section. Limits, computed columns, Grouping Columns, and other actions that modify the active section’s data set carry over to all tables and reporting sections built from that section.

Table Section

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