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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients

Tables as a Data Staging Area

A Computed Item in the Results section becomes a mere data element when added to a Table section. Thus, the Table section can become an intermediate calculation staging area. This ability comes in handy in applications where you wish to place limits on computed items.

For example, suppose you wanted a report of the top 10 producers in your organization. It is easy to add a computed item to your Results section that is based on the Rank function. (This function lets you find out each producer’s rank relative to the others.) However, when you try to limit the results based on that ranking, you that limits cannot be placed on aggregate items.

To get the results you want, you need to insert a new Table section that is based on your Results section. Then add all the relevant Results items, including the computed Rank field. Once Rank is a column in the table, it is no longer a computed item. It is a regular number on which you can now place a limit. Since the Table section is based on the Results section, your Top 10 report will automatically be updated each time you run the query.

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