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Data Analysis and Reporting with Intelligence Clients



Table Section

Creating a Table

Tables as a Data Staging Area

Manipulating Table Data

Limiting Data in a Table

Sorting a Table

Adding Computed Items

Adding Grouping Columns

Adding Date Groups

Applying Data Functions to Tables

Column Totals

Grand Totals

Break Totals

Working with Table Components

Working with Table Columns

Working with Table Rows

Working with Table Items

Zooming Tabular Results

Automatically Adding Columns

Table Menu Command Reference

Pivot Tables

Pivot Section

Creating a Pivot Table

Pivoting Data

Charting a Pivot Table

Working with Pivot Tables

Selecting Pivot Table Elements

Moving Pivot Table Elements

Changing Label Nesting Levels

Sorting Pivot Tables

Hiding Pivot Facts

Formatting Pivot Items

Using Data Calculations in Pivot Tables

Adding Totals and Subtotals

Adding Cumulative Totals

Using Data Functions

Using Surface Values in Data Functions

Using Weighted Functions

Adding Computed Items

Calculating Column Increases

Pivot Menu Command Reference


Chart Section

Charting Basics

Chart Terminology

Understanding Chart Dimensions

Creating Charts

Determining What Chart Format to Use

Selecting a Chart Type

Two-dimensional Charts

Pie Charts

Creating a Pie Chart

Positioning Pie Slices

Showing Positive and Negative Values

Showing Pie Percentages

Adding Lines to Labels

Rotating Pie Charts

Two-dimensional Bar Charts

Multidimensional Charts

About the 3-D View

Three-dimensional Bar Charts

Clustered Bar Charts

Stacked Bar Charts

Area Charts

Creating an Area Chart

Creating a Stacked Area Chart

Ribbon Charts

Line Charts

Combination (Bar/Line) Charts

Manipulating Chart Data

Using Different Scales to Compare Related Values

Using Data Functions in Charts

Adding Computed Items

Sorting Chart Items

Sort Items

Reference Items


Creating Pivot Tables from Charts

Drilling into Charts

Hiding and Focusing on Charted Data

Focusing on Items

Hiding Items

Working with Chart Elements

Selecting Chart Elements

Changing the View of a Chart

Zooming Charts

Rotating and Elevating Charts

Displaying Axis Grid Lines

Adding a Second Y Axis

Inserting Text

Changing Chart Legends

Customizing Chart Properties

Customizing Chart Patterns, Colors, and Labels

Changing Chart Color Schemes and Fill Patterns

Changing Chart Data Labels

Changing the Color of Chart Elements, Lines, and Text

Chart Menu Command Reference

Report Designer

Report Section

Report Section Elements

Report Section Toolbar

Report Section Title Bar

Expression Line

Expression Syntax

Snapping Together Expression Syntax

Creating a Report

Report Components

Table Column Formatting Options

Inserting Additional Tables in a Report

Adding Report Group Headers

Adding Report Group Footers

Inserting Report Headers and Footers

Inserting Page Headers and Footers

Inserting Page Breaks

Adding Other Report Elements

Working with Graphic Elements

Working with Fields

Working with Computed Fields

Inserting Limit Values

Working with a Report Page

Displaying Rulers

Using Grids

Using Design Guides

Setting Up a Report

Specifying Page Size

Specifying Page Margins

Margin Measurements

Setting Up Page Columns

Column Measurements

Enhancing Report Data

Sorting Report Items

Adding Computed Items

Creating Computed Columns

Applying Data Functions

Adding Totals

Applying Break Totals

Hiding and Focusing on Reported Data

Focusing on Items

Hiding Items

Using Multiple Data Sources in a Report

Creating Smart Reports

Formatting Report Items

Converting Detail Reports from Versions Earlier than 6.0

Display Differences

Conversion of Detail Report Categories

Conversion of Data Area

Conversion of Facts

Conversion of Smart Reports

Conversion of Graphic Objects

Report Menu Command Reference


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