Single Source Solutions

Here you'll find samples of some of our single source projects.

The Challenge

Our client, Brio Software, has a large technical publications library, consisting of many individual publications. Brio needs to deliver its information products in many formats: two-color printed manuals, PDF documents, online Help in several different formats, and HTML-based online documentation. In addition, for many of its publications, Brio must conform to Section 508 accessibility requirements.

The Solution

Working closely with Brio's publications group, we refined an existing set of FrameMaker templates, and then developed WebWorks Publisher templates for each of the output formats Brio needs to support, including Section 508-compliant HTML and online Help in both WebWorks Help and JavaHelp format. This solution enables Brio to maintain all of its technical content in FrameMaker, and to produce online deliverables at any time in a fully automated fashion.

The Samples

Here are three versions of a recent Brio publication. Each version was generated automatically from the same set of FrameMaker source files.

Adobe Acrobat Document PDF

Internal Link Section 508-compliant HTML

Internal Link Online Help in WebWorks Help 3.0 format