Output from RoboHelp Classic 2002

This output sample was produced using RoboHelp Classic 2002 by MJ Plaster of World Wide Winnovations.

Notes from MJ Plaster

File sizes

CSS 9.0 KB

Output samples

Validation reports

In order for an HTML file to be valid, it must at minimum include both a DOCTYPE statement on the first line of the file and a <meta> tag specifying the correct character set for the file. The HTML file we produced with RoboHelp Classic contained neither of these required elements. We added both a DOCTYPE statement and a character set specification to the generated file so that you can view the W3C validation report for the remainder of the HTML file.

Project files

If you have RoboHelp Classic 2002, RoboHelp for Word 2002, or RoboHelp Office 2002 installed, you can download the actual RoboHelp Classic 2002 project files and inspect them for yourself.