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WebWorks Help Overview
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WebWorks Help Overview

WebWorks Help is a Help delivery format developed by Quadralay Corporation, the developers of WebWorks Publisher and WebWorks Publisher WordHelp. WebWorks Help enables browser-independent, platform-independent online Help and electronic books using a combination of XHTML 1.0 and ECMA JavaScript.

To create WebWorks Help, authors use either FrameMaker or Microsoft Word to write content, and then use WebWorks Publisher or WebWorks Publisher WordHelp to convert the source document(s) to WebWorks Help format. WebWorks Help systems are distributed as a collection of individual files that are not compressed or compiled. This makes WebWorks Help a good format for publishing Help on a Web or intranet server.

In order to view a WebWorks Help system, users must have a Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX computer with a browser in which either Java or JavaScript is enabled. This includes most version 3 or later browsers.

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Key Resources

Note: If you are creating WebWorks Help systems, you will benefit from being familiar with core Web technologies like HTML and CSS. For more information about HTML and CSS, look under Web Technologies to the left (under the Knopf Online logo).

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Recommended Reading

There are currently no third-party books on WebWorks Help.

Online Communities & Discussion Lists

wwp-users (Yahoo! Group) - This is an unmoderated discussion group for users of WebWorks Publisher. This list offers the largest collection of knowledgeable WWP users you'll find anywhere in cyberspace.

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