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RoboHelp is the industry's top-selling Help authoring tool. Designed for WinHelp and Microsoft HTML Help, RoboHelp can also be used to produce WinHelp 2000, WebHelp, JavaHelp, and Oracle Help for Java. (For information and samples of these help formats, look under Technologies to the left.)

Key Resources

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Recommended Reading

SAMS Teach Yourself RoboHelp 2000 for HTML Help by Char James-Tanny, Sams Publishing, ISBN: 0672316250.

Online Communities & Discussion Lists

eHelp's "RoboHelp Community" Web site - eHelp, the developer of RoboHelp, sponsors this Web site/mailing list to provide support to current RoboHelp users. The Web site offers a knowledge base, as well as discussion forums. You can participate in the discussion forums by e-mail or directly on the Web site.

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HATT - The Help Authoring Tools and Technologies group is a moderated discussion list for topics related to Help authoring and online information design and development. The HATT group was formed when the old WINHLP-L discussion list was closed. Discussion topics include help technologies like WinHelp, HTML Help, JavaHelp, WebHelp, and WinHelp 2000, authoring tools from various vendors, and issues related to design, development, and deployment of online Help systems. You can participate in the group through its Web interface or subscribe and receive messages by e-mail. David Knopf is a moderator of the HATT list, which has more than 2,000 subscribers worldwide.

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