Advanced Unstructured FrameMaker 7: Template Design

In this hands-on training course, you will build a FrameMaker template by adding master pages, paragraph and character tags, table tags, and other formats to a default FrameMaker document. You will add and implement color, and incorporate time-saving features (such as automatic running headers and footers) to boost the productivity of the writers using your template. You will also create companion templates for tables of contents and indexes.

Course Syllabus
Course Materials


This course is for individuals who meet the following prerequisites:

Course Syllabus

Although many of the topics will be familiar to the general FrameMaker user, this class emphasizes design considerations rather than template use.

Starting a new template

Changing, adding, and applying master pages

Changing and adding character tags

Changing and adding paragraph tags

Changing and adding table tags

Importing and applying colors

Changing, adding, and inserting variables

Adding and applying conditional tags

Changing and adding cross-reference formats

Changing document properties

Constructing a template for a table of contents

Constructing a template for an index

Benefits of this Course

Course Materials

Each student receives a copy of the Advanced Unstructured FrameMaker: Template Design workbook and accompanying CD, and a complementary copy of FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference.