Unstructured FrameMaker 7: Accelerated Introduction

This fast-paced, intensive class teaches you about the basics of unstructured FrameMaker and then shows you how to use the advanced capabilities of this very powerful tool. You will learn about FrameMaker's time-saving features such as cross-references, variables, and conditional text. You will generate a table of contents and an index, and work with tables, paragraph tags, and character tags. The class also offers an overview of conversion to PDF and HTML formats, and it features many hands-on exercises to help you master FrameMaker's extensive capabilities.

Course Syllabus
Course Materials


Knopf Online's Introduction to FrameMaker training is a fast-paced, hands-on class. It is designed for individuals who meet at least one of the following prerequisites:

Course Syllabus

Class format is lecture/lab with plenty of hands-on exercises. Knopf Online supplies a detailed workbook and accompanying CD to all participants.


Introduction to FrameMaker

Using cross-references


Text management tools

Anchored frames and graphics


Conditional text

Building a book

Generated lists


Exporting to PDF and HTML


Benefits of this Course

Course Materials

Each student receives a copy of the Unstructured FrameMaker: Accelerated Introduction workbook and accompanying CD, as well as a complementary copy of FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference.