What Our Students Say

"The class was absolutely first rate--far and away the best class I've ever attended in the 16 years I've been with HP."

"This may be the best course I've ever attended. There have not been many others where I thought, `Oh, is it 5:00 P.M. already? Can we go another hour?'"

"Great class. It was fun. From zero knowledge, I came out with the confidence that I can build a decent Help file."

"This course was well worth the money and everything I had hoped it would be."

"I had no prior experience with RoboHelp, and now I feel very comfortable with it."

"Your RoboHelp class was the best hands-on class I've taken. I'm looking forward to taking the advanced class."

"My whole experience--from signing up for the class to going through it--has been wonderful. Your group is professional, courteous, and very in tune with the needs of Help authors."

"I wish all training could be this effective. Super preparation and instructor knowledge—a real professional."

"One of the very best courses I've ever attended. Outstanding instructor. Organization of the course and use of examples the very best."

"The documentation for this course is great! It will be a good resource to help me get started and in the future. I would definitely recommend this course to others."

"I am so glad I found out about this course. I had no idea of the capabilities that RoboHelp possessed. I had come to a standstill, and this course got me excited and moving again."

"This was definitely among the best courses I've taken. The information presented was detailed, comprehensive, and cogent. The instructor was very knowledgeable, fluent, and sensitive to the needs of the students."

"Every exercise we went through made me think of ways we could improve our own way of doing business. I plan to submit a recommendation for a change in format and revamping of our primary Help facility."